How did you become a DMP artist? How did you get into the Industry?


I would love to hear how all of you got into the industry and what made you pursue the art of Matte Painting? I find the process and the results of Matte painting absolutely amazing, and yet the idea of it is so daunting to me!

Please share your experiences and thoughts, so this hopeful artist can get an idea of how you all got here!!


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Hey mate, I got into the industry by accident. A small ad-agency saw my illustrations and asked me to make a landscape so for the hell of it I said “yes”. They said it was a matte painting and after Googling it, I fell in love. Now that i’m in the industry working in film. Its completely different than Commercial work. Its far more trickier and a challenge.

I love matte painting because its very therapeutic. Helps with all the anxiety etc and I learn to focus. Plus each painting is so different in approach which I like a ton!

I got into VFX the brute-force way… I have been doing 3d and Photoshop for many years, but I am a self-taught artist and I had not much to show at first. I have applied at every position in every studio for 2 years and nobody wanted to hire me.

I continued, perfected my art and my technical skills (I learned python and a few more software). I got a job in 3d that I must say I did not like at all, like at all lol… I worked 1 year there while continuing to apply at vfx studios, making a new reel with more personal and professional work.

Finally, a Friday afternoon, I received an email that started exactly like this: “Hi there, this is your chance to enter the vfx industry.”

I was so prepared when I started, I had worked so hard learning and practicing during many years, that at the minute that I entered in a vfx studio I was helping juniors, debugging stuff, and was given very quickly the big shots.

Eventually it led me in an environment department in a major VFX studio and they saw I knew my stuff and was fairly good in my art, and it led me to lead and supervisor positions.

No joke! haha. That was hard for me XD

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