Introduce Yourself

Hello everyone !

My name is Gulomjon Ruzikulov, 37 years old, from Uzbekistan. Currently working as a graphic designer in an advertising agency

Here is the link to my portfolio:


Hey everyone :smile:
I am Vishu Saini from India.
I am currently pursuing my B.Sc Degree and also doing matte painting for hobby and mostly to express my feelings. I am basically a newbie in this field but i really like to refine my skills to make my painting looks as good as possible.

Here is link of my instagram:
Feel free to comment on my posts and i really appreciate your opinions on them.

Thanks :wink:


Hello all,

My name is Sue. I’m a freelance digital matte painter based in New York.
I work in advertising, episodic, and the film industry.
I actually enjoy doodling random stuff when I’m not matte painting and I also like to take a lot of snaps of skies at different times of the day with my point and shoot whenever possible.
Cheers, and stay safe!


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Hello everybody,

My name is Pierre-Alexandre, but everybody call me Pierra.
Two years ago, I have decided that one day I will be able to make a living as an artist.
I have a lot to do, and I am a bit confused about what I want to do. But I love landscape and realism.
I don’t have a portofolio yet, but you can discover some of my painting on artstation and instagram (links below).
I am glad to join you! Stay safe and keep painting.

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