Layer Breakdown Gif - How to

We want to see the process behind your Visions of the Future Entry in the form of a Layer Breakdown Gif! Diogo Sampaio of Strongside Studio shows us how to very simply put together a Frame by Frame video to display your process for your DMP. Read on for the full Tutorial that goes along with the Video Tutorial!

Ok Guys, so today I’ll be talking you through creating a Frame by Frame breakdown video in Photoshop so here goes:

Step 1:
When you have your finished piece and are ready to create your Process Breakdown go to “WINDOW » TIMELINE” (this will open the timeline action bar at the bottom)

Step 2
At the bottom left of the panel, click the timeline icon “Convert to Frame”

Step 3
For your first frame, you should hide all the layers and only reveal the first thing you want to show. Usually you want to start from the background elements, then Middle ground and then Fore ground.
You should also define how much time each frame will appear (right click on frame and select the desired time for each frame; 0.5 seconds is fairly ideal for these videos)

Step 4
Reveal all the layers you want for each frame you want to create. Once you have revealed the layers you want to show in that Frame, click the “Duplicates Selected Frames” Button and keep repeating until you reach the final image

Step 5
To export, click on the bottom left icon of the panel to go back to the timeline and then click the “arrow” icon to render your animated GIF

Step 6
For your export settings, 10 fps will be enough to have a smooth view and choose whatever resolution you want. At the end, you should have something like I do on my final layer breakdown

That’s all there is to it! Thanks so much for sharing with us Diogo!