New Artist Subscription Plans Launched

Today we’ve launched a new Artist Plus and Artist Pro subscription. Anyone on an old Artist Pro account will have their subscription renamed to Artist Plus in the coming weeks.

The new Artist Pro plan offers 800 credits and 30 free daily downloads. Anyone on a yearly subscription will also gain access to 1600px free downloads!

We’ve also made collections UNLIMITED for Artist Plus and Artist Pro accounts.

“Artist” is now being changed to “Artist Lite”. Other than that it has the same to 200 credits per month, 1200px free downloads but is now only available as a monthly plan. We feel this is a great introductory plan to MattePaint and will get you started on the path to having access to the best reference photography in the VFX industry!

All Artist plans fall under the new “Personal MattePaint Subscription” terms. Please read our FAQ for more information

To purchase a plan or view the pricing available please visit

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