October Image Pack Challenge! - Free Image Included

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the first Image Pack Challenge!

We’ve got an amazing new Image Pack coming to Mattepaint.com and wanted to give you a chance to get ahead of the game with a free image from the pack for all you Matte painters!

We had such amazing feedback about the weekly challenges in the #mattepaintcontest, that we wanted to keep providing you folks with interesting ways to push your creativity and improve your technical skills. This Image Pack Challenge is an opportunity to not only receive a free image asset, but also test yourself and your skills! So grab the image above, get creative and see what comes!

The best submission using the free image will receive the upcoming Image Pack for FREE so get amongst it! We want to see your WIP’s, your ideas and all the processes that go into this art so start the conversation here!

This Challenge has no theme, the only criteria is that the provided image is the focus of the DMP. The challenge is open for submissions until 11:59pm UTC October 8 2019.

Send your final submission to competitions@mattepaint.com. If you have any questions or comments, drop them here and start the conversation!

Good luck and happy creating!


WIP This is what I’ve come up with so far. I’m not sure if I should replace the sky or not, I’m also thinking of turning it into a night scene. Any suggestions? Thanks


This is awesome! It’s looking great!! I unfortunately don’t have any technical suggestions or knowledge, but it’s coming together great and is awesome to see! Nice one!!

Hey guys! Looking for some CC about this (WIP). Now that im uploading it, i can already see that the mid ground mountain need some more color grading. feel free to point out any other mistakes


Updated after a few hours (still wip)


I think this is where I’m gonna stop I think if I mess with it anymore I’m just going to make it worse. This is my submission for the weekly challenge. It’s been a lot of fun.


Nice feel here, love the castle up there. But you should consider to remove the FG trees, they dont really belong to this rocky environment and it´s stealing way too much attention :slight_smile:

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Nice work! I agree about the trees. Also, on your entry Diogo, I personally feel that the composition is a bit split between the tall rock on the left and the house on the right; I’m wondering if maybe adding another rock on the left might establish that area as the main focal point? And possibly the foreground blacks are slightly too light? But that’s just my opinion, and I’m still learning, so don’t take that too seriously :slight_smile: . Here’s what I’ve been working on - I’d really appreciate your thoughts


Here it is without the trees, I also cropped it in a bit to make it feel just a little less empty. Thank you for your input, I hope this is an improvement.


way better without the trees!

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My submission for the contest, Thanks for the feedback above


Gentleman,all of these are absolutely fantastic. You have all outdone yourselves! Amazing work


Tonight is the deadline of the contest? :thinking:

@JuanRamos challenge is open for submissions until 11:59pm UTC October 8 2019

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Ok, thanks Diogo!!.

Then that’s tomorrow night, right? :sweat_smile:



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Hey, all

Here’s my October Image Pack Challenge. I need to step away before I make a complete mess of this. Any and all feedback is welcomed!


I’m sorry !!, is that 11:59 pm always makes me doubt :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I love this! I unfortunately don’t have too much CC or anything, but it looks like something I really want to hike!