Visions of the Future - Contest Rules and Details

Welcome to the Visions of the Future Contest !

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The #mattepaintcontest is back! 2020 has been a fast and furious year so far, and we are stepping up the pace with a brand new #mattepaintcontest for you to get stuck in to! The theme for the contest and the entire month is 'Visions of the Future". This next decade will be critical for Humanity, and we want you to show us your visions of what could be. In this, we’re looking for positive outcomes, potentially environments where man-made structures are one with nature, achieving a balance and to showcase the resolutions Humanity has made. The ‘Visions of the Future’ #mattepaintcontest will be hosted from our Forums where we will be providing all of the details for the contest, news and updates, discounted MattePaint content, coupon codes and a place for everyone to share their WIP’s and get feedback from MattePaint and the Community!

Over the course of March we’ll be releasing six themed Image Packs on the Forums to help you on your creative Journey. A Premium Contest Image Pack (400 Credits) and a Starter Contest Image Pack (100 Credits) will be released each week for the first three weeks of the Contest and we encourage you to make use of these awesome discounted packs for your entry. It is not mandatory to use the Images from the Packs but it is highly recommended. Along with the Image Packs, we’ll be sharing #mattepaintcontest Codes on the Forums for free Credits so make sure you stay tuned to the Forums to grab some free loot!

The primary focus of your entry must be around MattePaint assets and Photography. Other providers and images are allowed in your entry but cannot be the primary focus and we encourage you to utilize our ENORMOUS library of images. Similarly, 3D renders are allowed but please note this is not a 3D challenge and the final image must be primarily from and showcase 2D techniques.

You must submit your Final Entry to the “Final Entry” Thread on the Forums. as well as submit your entries to and you must specify that your entry is for the “Visions of the Future Grand Prize Submission”. For example: "John Smith Visions of the future entry - Grand Prize submission" .

As well as sharing your work on the Forums, we also encourage you to share your final work on Artstation, Behance and in our Facebook Group with the MattePaint Contest Hashtag and Logo!


Community Engagement

Get involved with our Forums and Community group! Upload your work in progress, comment on each other’s work and encourage each other in the spirit of learning and improvement. We have some extremely successful and talented artists on our Forums and in the Community who are stoked to help critique, suggest and help in any way they can so come on over and be part of something amazing! Throughout the month of March we’ll be doing WIP reviews, Livestreams with tips and tricks, previous contest winners discussions and a heap more so make sure to Tune in!

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  • One still image — 1,920px on longest edge minimum. E.g. A landscape should have at least 1,920px width, portrait should have minimum 1,920px height.
  • One composite sheet containing the photo’s and elements used for the final design.
  • Work-in-progress artwork to show how your image was created.
  • Post on Artstation with the MattePaint Contest Hashtag and Logo.
  • Posted to the Forums in the “Final Entry” Thread

Judging Criteria

Images will be judged on creative, narrative and technical aspects. Successful images should combine strong composition and lighting with an attention to photo-realism and a high technical level of finish.

The Judges

Grand Prizes

1st Place

  • Wacom Intuos Pro
  • MattePaint Yearly artist-plus subscription
  • Gaea Pro License
  • Artstation Pro 12 months

2nd Place

  • MattePaint 6 month artist-plus subscription
  • Artstation Pro 12 months
  • Gaea Indie License

3rd Place

  • MattePaint 3 month artist-plus subscription
  • Gaea Indie License

Bonus Prizes!

Along side our Grand Prize for the Visions of the Future #mattepaintcontest we are offering a Bonus Prize to two lucky winners. The first Bonus prize will be for the entry that is judged as “Most Improved” which will go to the Artist that has improved their entry the most through the feedback they have received when sharing their WIP’s and entry iterations. The Second Bonus prize will go to ???

Most Improved


Contest Rules

The deadline for the monthly Grand Prize entries is April 1st 12:00am UTC , 2020. Your entry must be Emailed to and posted on the Forums in the “Final Entry” Thread before this time to be eligible.

Winners Announcement
Grand Prize winners as well as Bonus Prize winners will be announced April 15, 2020.


  • Artists participating in the contest must be a member of; registration is free.
  • Entry is limited to individual artists, so Team entries are not eligible.

Final Work

  • All entries must be display the #mattepaintcontest Hashtag and Logo.
  • Must be Posted on Artstation with the #mattepaintcontest Hashtag and Logo.
  • Must be Posted to the Forums in the “Final Entry” Thread
  • One still image — 1,920px on longest edge minimum. E.g. A landscape should have at least 1,920px width, portrait should have minimum 1,920px height.
  • One composite sheet containing the photo’s and elements used for the final design.
  • Work-in-progress artwork to show how your image was created.
  • Layer Breakdown Gif to show the image creation process

Work in Progress
We encourage you to share your work in progress on our Forums and in our Facebook Community Group throughout the contest.

Original Artwork
Entries must be new artworks specifically made for the contest and cannot be based on the concept art of another artist. Entries must be original and proven to be your own artwork.

Art can be highly subjective. As such, the decision of the judges of the contest will be final.

Any image deemed to contain content that depicts racial, political, religious or any other inflammatory material in an inappropriate manner may be disqualified and removed. Interpretation of what is, and is not, appropriate material is the sole discretion of and the Judges. Any artwork found to infringe on another artists work will be disqualified and removed.

Past Contest Finalists

Make sure to check out the Winners from the last #mattepaintcontest and to check out the Interview with the Winner of the September #mattepaintcontest - Nitin Kale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find all of the Contest Information?
For all of the #mattepaintcontest check out the “Rules and Details” Thread on the Forums as well as the “Contest Announcements and News” Thread.

Where do I ask questions about the contest?
Please post questions in the Forums, Community Group or email We’ll do our best to address and clarify questions there.

Where Can I get Feedback on my Ideas, WIP and concepts?
Post your WIP’s, ideas and concepts in the “WIP’s and Feedback Requests” Thread on the Forums as well as posting in the Community Group.

Can I win prizes without a paid subscription?
Yes! An active subscription is not necessary to be eligible for the prizes.

Can I use my own images or images from other websites?
You can use images from other providers or your own images but Matte Paint images must make up the main components of the image.

Where do I ask about technical problems or feature requests?
If you encounter any technical issues, please contact us at Please provide as much detail as possible when reporting issues — provide a URL to the problem, screenshots and even video if possible. Thanks!

Can I submit multiple submissions for the contest?
Yes! You can submit as many times as you like, however we encourage you to focus on making one image as good as you can during the time. Art is not a sprint, take your time. Give it love.

Can my design be based on an existing IP?
No. Your design should not infringe any IP’s rights.

Can a team participate in the contest?
No. This contest is for individuals only. We’re looking into running contests for teams in the future. Let us know if you’re interested!