What is the Academy?

Looking to up your skill and fast-track your pathway to the VFX industry ?

Join our Academy and get 1-on-1 mentoring from several of the industry’s most prominent Matte Painting veterans.

There are 4 VFX industry mentors who are there to assist and provide feedback. We’re also adding videos with tips and tricks and hosting live sessions and art analysis!

The Academy includes:

  • :heart: 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
  • :writing_hand: Quick Tips videos
  • :mortar_board: Challenges
  • :clapper: Live Streams
  • :art: Personal Feedback
  • :flushed: Mock interviews
  • :clapper: Resume/Reel Reviews
  • :lock_with_ink_pen: Private Discord/Forums Section

What is The Academy?

The Academy is an organic learning group provided for free to anyone with an Artist-Pro Subscription to MattePaint.

It is primarily run by Conrad Allan , a co-founder of MattePaint with 10 years experience in environments and matte painting. He has worked on shows such as Logan, Thor, Game Of Thrones, Assassin’s Creed, Independence Day, and more.

Remember, access is free with an Artist-Plus subscription or Artist-Pro subscription!

Read more: https://mattepaint.com/blog/introducing-the-mattepaint-academy/