What's your favourite ever personal work?

Show us what you got! Share what you’re most proud of and chuffed to have made. It doesn’t have to be your best work, just your favourite!

Here’s mine!

This really isn’t my best work, but it was my very first hero matte painting I did in the industry and I just enjoyed making it so much. It was a team effort of course as it was for Gods Of Egypt. Everything from the BG Pyramids back was my matte painting work but I was responsible for a lot of the texturing and shader work on the foreground elements too as well as a geo-projection matte painting on the palace in the central area!


The 100 is a favourite of mine, can you post the screengrabs and day/night conversion? @Conrad

@Conrad Wow, it’s great !!. Did you make the image from 0 ?, that is, did you model and render all the structures in 3d?

How would the process be, once the job is entrusted to you, and in what part of that process are you involved?

I’m curious :slight_smile:

@JuanRamos I actually wrote the description to the wrong project above initially :joy: I have fixed it up now, have a read! :slight_smile:

This is the one I was talking about that Mavrick mentioned for The 100 title sequence.

I created a day and night version in 4 days, was a lot of fun!


@Conrad Read the description :slight_smile:

Wow, in The 100 title, I imagine you would make many changes until the end.

What was the size and final resolution of your delivery?
And the color profile, Adobe RGB 1998 or did you use a particular profile?

When the deadline is extremely tight, you don’t really have much opportunity for the client to request changes, but a lot of that comes down to being experienced enough to know what the client wants when they ask the first time. (it doesn’t always happen).
Final delivery was 1920x1080 in sRGB. It wasn’t an overly technical job, it was just a medium budget tv show with some fancy Vfx!

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Thanks for answering!, So I learn a lot.
If I ask too much you tell me! :sweat_smile:

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This is one of my first ever DMP for a movie. Was a huge learning curve. Learned about different Bit info, resolution, EXR files etc. The company who comped it kinda destroyed it but this was a ton of fun. Not my best work but was a huge turning point in my career and technical way as well.


The show was awesome too, would love to see a breakdown on this