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participating mattepaint challenge for 1st time,this is concept for Visions of Tomorrow Contest.plz give feedback .


Love this start! The thumbnail and reference are really handy to see for scale and such. Proceed!

As you start, my recommendation is you get your base background / environment secured and then start to work on those foreground elements and the scale. Working the other way is possible but will be much harder to integrate elements later.

A quick note on the reference you use, make sure you’re not using elements from other artists artworks (including art guides on MattePaint), The image I circled below looks like it’s from the Rocky Alpine PSD, I could be wrong though… but if you have those images, you can create a similar composition and graded atmosphere by using it as reference! :smiley:

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Hi guys, first rough concept of the landscape only (for now). Just wanted to test the Alpes great magic hour references at the pack #01. CC´s welcome!


This is insane Rafael! Absolutely stellar initial look. Can’t wait to see how you push it further!

For a bit of feedback, make sure you clean up your layer edges and adjustment masks as you continue forward! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Conrad! Sure will, also have recorded progress so far (in Portuguese as I told you before). Can I post it on youtube and share link here?

Hi there,

This is my first stage of my composition for MP challenge. Tell me what do you think about that.
I’m working on composition that actually seems too empty and suggest to move my head to the right side of the landscape. I would like to add more element in the central zone and I am waiting to have some free time from work to get the new MP ref pack that is already available to see if I can find some other beautiful element.

I didn’t wanted the tree in the FG like I had before because I want to project and animate this landscape in Blade Runner style, trying to simulate some drone slow movement straight forward this flatland.

PS: I overdid vignetting


Careful with the theme of the contest. They are looking for “positive outcomes, potentially environments where man-made structures are one with nature, achieving a balance and to showcase the resolutions Humanity has made”

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Awesome start!

As Felipe mentioned, be aware that the theme of the competition is positive futures. I don’t think this is that far off though, if you just change the colour palette to be less bleak (even though it looks really cool), it would then suit the theme of the contest better. You can still have the blade runner vibe while being a positive Utopian vision!

As for composition, you’re right, the centre of the composition is to the right side, a large part of this is the structures but it’s also in the reflections on the ground. Combined, there’s a lot more silhouette information and also based contrast values going on on the right side of the frame. The left side is bare of this.
If you consider moving your sunlight to the left 1/3 of the screen, that would give you more room to play with reflections on the ground which aren’t all on the right of the screen :slight_smile:

Keep going and keep posting WIP’s!!!

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:exploding_head::scream: Wow man this is unreal! What a start!!

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Thanks Neviss! :slight_smile:

hi…my name is ahmed and this is the first rough sketch i did for this challenge,i used pics from pack #01 and this pics looks really awesome &block for some pieces i will make it 3d (main building)and will post reference for this building …happy to join this challenge and CCs welcome :slightly_smiling_face:



This is amazing man, looking so good…can really see the shot that this would slot into. Nice work keep it coming

Welcome man and thanks for posting! Looking great for the concept man, excited to see what comes of this!

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update on refinements


I did a rough speedie as my concept

Now started doing layout. Foreground and hero mountains will be 3D.


Starting to look solid! Remember you need to add some elements of human life too! :smiley:

This is my layout. Starting 3D now.


Welcome @Harry_Tang!!!

Decent layout but it feels very apoclyptic. At the moment the briefing is for Utopian (Positive) visions of tomorrow! :smiley: