🤩 WIP's - All WIP's and Feedback requests

base environment,is it going well?
2nd weak image pack was incredible.it helped me a lot.give feedback.
thanking you.


The general atmosphere is nice. You need to clean up your perspectives before you work further. You have buildings that are on a slant and a highway that is leaning to the site too.

I would recommend taking a few of the major components out and getting back to something more simple. Then clean that up and make it look sharp, then add more elements from there!

Looking really good guys, keep up the killer work. Keep that feedback coming Conrad!



Welcome Jorge! Looking forward to see what comes of this, get cracking son :smiley: :raised_hands::fire:

here is my wip( very messy) so far for this months challenge

any feed back will be welcome, I might post a cleaner version of this later this week! right now I’m still blocking the composition. I will work on the overall mood later.


Hey Maxime, thanks for sharing and Welcome! Looking great, just a little busy at the moment. Looking forward to seeing this take shape :raised_hands::100:

Hi all. Here is my wip for this months challenge. I’d appreciate your comment. Thank you!


@JORGE_TOBAR absolutely stunning base! Can’t wait to see what you add ontop!

@Virginia This is a great start and follows the brief well!

One comment I have is to make sure you don’t have conflicting perpsectives. It looks like the building on the left is out of perspective (we’re looking up at the building too much). Keep going and pushing it further!

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This is looking really, really cool! Can’t wait to see this develop, I love it!

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Hi everyone!
My name is Alex, I want to share my sketch for the contest. At this stage is made in black and white only because I want to look good in values first. I added some pictures for reference of the mood and color that I want to achieve. I really appreciate the feedback and CC.
Thanks and regards!


Welcome @Alexandro_Reyes! :smiley:

I love where this is going! I would be so blown away if you matched that colour reference image you have… it’s stunning! Also when you go to create the fog/mist, make sure you really pay attention to what it looks like in your reference as that could be one area where it falls down.

Nail it! :fist_left::fist_left:

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Thank you Allan for the advice, I´ll do my best! :smiley:

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Fusion Reactor - Sydney, 2025

Finally found some time to work on this. Still busy with details, cleanup etc


Hello guys! I was inspired by the guys who participate in the challenge. I’m not sure that I will finish on time. I think more about the forms of buildings.

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Ohhhh very nice start! Need a few more elements of interest in the scene but you’ve done well so far in integrating the 3D building. :fist_left:

This is a cool idea! Can’t wait to see how you integrate the dome’s, that could be difficult!

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Hi everyone!
Here is my work in progress for this challenge.
Any feedback is welcome. I think I will add some drone in the scene ( I wanted to add birds but there are already herds of sheeps).


This is looking so cool! Hit the theme on the head and I’m loving the Valley in between the mountains. It makes me think about a book I used to read as a Kid, I love the sheep!

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