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Love this @Rafael_Falconi, you’ve definitely got a lot to refien in the time left but I hope you can make it! :smiley:

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Hello everyone! It´s me again, Alex. I think I finished my piece, I just want to show you how is it now so you can make one last review, if you notice something I can improve please let me know, all your comments and feedback have been very helpful.
Thanks everyone and regards!


Hello, all, just thought I’d share my 1st pass in the “Visions of Tomorrow” contest. My theme is a “green city”, where more grass, plants and trees are incorporated into the architecture and surroundings, so will be adding that in the final. This is just for initial composition and ideas, so it’s rough.

I’ve been wanting to do one of these contests, and now that I unwillingly and unfortunately have time on my hands, I thought I’d give it a go.

Cheers - TiM



Hello everyone. Here’s my WIP for the Matte Paint challenge. This my base 2D i will put some 3D a bit in the center. and some lights on the boats and on the 3D. ihave to correct the water too but I need help on the back mountains on the left, i don’t know if i’m correct with the colors. And if you have other CC to improve this ,you are welcome.
Thank you in advance :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Conrad, doing my best! :slight_smile:

hello guys , here is my W.I.P, I did a few very crude sketches to inspire myself since I dont have any idea ,and eventually decide to run with this one.
generally I was thinking some Zaha Hadid inspired vertical structure , urban reforestation, a lot of park and pond , wind turbine etc, (they can’t be more generic!),
right now I’m working to get a cleaner base , then hopefully I can manage to bash some building in it.

there are 3 point perspective naturally comes from photo base ,which distortion and skewing getting very strong as it reaching edge of the original photo, but currently I extend the frame way wider, some skewed building is almost in the middle ,would you suggest to adjust those part.(I think I got the answer after I wrote the question haha…)


Hi there! This is my 2 WIP, I changed the background, I think I will put some lights, atmosphere and some character, what do you think? I am concerned about the scale of the elements, C&C ARE WELCOME :slight_smile:


I feel I should be posting wips more often, but I keep finding new things to do with it :slight_smile: I’ve pretty much got to where I was aiming for, in terms of subject, so I’d be grateful for any feedback you have to try and take it to the next level. I’m thinking of going back to the plate and re-working everything in the hope of unifying each element a bit better.


Hey Conrad , Thank you very much for your encouragement and valuable feedback .

I will work to correct .Thank you again !

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hey, here’s what i would take a look at. To me the photo is a little crooked, try distorting the pic a little to straighten things a bit. It almost sags down on the right side. The mask on the tree on the right needs a little work. Actually looking closely its a bush on top of the building, that almost looks like its part of the tree).
The people on the FG, I would desaturate them a bit.

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sorry, on the vertical too

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Hello guys & girls :nerd_face:
Here is my WIP … Initially I planned to integrate a CG element (glas tunnel with a futuristic train between the two cliffs) but not sure if I should really place it or leave the composition as it is and just refine it?

The very first idea was to incorporate Zeppelins as futuristic transportation - until I realized they just look like huge blobs in the sky :- :sweat_smile:

Have fun everyone! :- :blush:


dude… you’re another level… that is going to be a really nice piece!!!

Hello dear DMP artists. I invested a few more hours on my piece for the challenge and this is what i have at the moment. Improved the shape of the main building, added more haze and had to redo the BG mountains and the right side of MG. This is still a work in progress, please feel free to point out any mistake such as levels, edge sharpness, composition, etc… i´m looking for a heavy criticism :slight_smile:

Thank you!


@Felipe Thanks! I felt there was something slightly off, but I couldn’t figure it out, so thanks for taking to time to tweak it - hopefully I can get that fixed :slight_smile:


Here is my 1st WIP for the Visions of Tomorrow contest for March 2020 :

Version 001


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Here is my 2nd WIP for the MattePaint contest :slight_smile:

Version 002



I suggest to make a total different composition because it looks like almost the same piece.

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always be aware of the direction of the sun when combining pictures, for the plate and buildings you have a sun from the right, for the mountain the sun is coming from the left. Almost like its a different time of day for each picture

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Last WIP. Still addding final details