🤩 WIP's - All WIP's and Feedback requests

Hi to all! Here´s more progress on refinements, moving to the BG buildings area now. CC´s welcome! Thanks!


Hi this is my rough WIP for March contest, I haven’t start blending the 3D with the rest of the composition, I still have a lot to do for this piece, so I better hurry!!


Go Go Go!! Only 48 hours left!

This is looking so cool, I think the middle building is way too small though, but it might be a little late to scale it up!

Also make sure you give some love to the 2D aspects because we’ll be judging on those too! :smiley: (Maybe try replace the sky with something more exciting?)

This is cool @Rafael_Falconi. I think the original city you had was super cool too but that would be a lot of stuff to add in and make it all photoreal.

You should think of adding some kind of vehicle in the FG which has come under the bridge and is travelling to the city :smiley:

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Looking great @MichaelaMaria! I think at this point it feels a bit too bright / overexposed. When I look at the image I feel my eyes trying to find a comfortable spot with some contrast to rest my eyes. So try look into that :slight_smile:

@TiM this is super cool mate! I love the composition and lighting, the way it feels we’re really “heading into the city”. Definitely needs some futuristic elements added to the BG city like the grasses and nature you’re talking about. Looking forward to seeing an update! :fist_left::fist_left:

This is a fantastic Concept start @Pengyu, Can’t wait to see the developments on this. I think you could correct the perspectives but if you’re over-painting you don’t necessarily need to. I think your eye will guide you well there! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see the final! :smiley:

@JORGE_TOBAR this is really cool, but SUPER dark currently. If you just lift the overall exposure a tade and then let some of the highlights go quite a bit higher, I reckon that’ll look cool. Let the metallics on the solar farm and the windmills really ping, and bring in some brightness in the brighter parts of the sky.

Keep it moody but give it a bit more energy! :zap::zap:

thx Conrad… I´m working on the buildings as close to the concept as I can. Just didn´t update that on the preview :confused:

@Conrad thanks for the feedback!, This time add some platforms and changed the lighting, what do you think?

thanks again


Hi community, try to write a right English :sweat_smile: jaja! this is my composition, please check an help a new member in this world jaja! thanks everyboy for share amazings MP! PACE! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That feels way more energetic!!! i think that’s a bit improvement… but! I would scale it back a little bit and definitely enough so that you’re not clipping the values in your sky :smiley:

Thanks, Conrad, but here’s a question for you. You brief says “next decade”, not 100’s of years in the future, so to me this means current technology and architecture, just moderately advanced. We wouldn’t be seeing sleek mega-tower cities, flying cars and robots, right? Did you mean 100’s of years in the future?

Hi everyone, Nice to see all your artworks. This is my WIP on a scene which I’m currently working on for the contest. Any feedback is kindly welcome .


This is a nice Start @PaolaMunoz Keep it up.

Almost final version, testing a horizontal flip, I believe it feels better. Will add more vegetation and waterfalls tomorrow.


well that is a fair point!

Hey @Josephmelga!

There are a lot of things going on in this image, so what I recommend is removing the planet and birds for now and try to find a new sky that suits this composition. There are a few we provided in the competition packs or you can find tonnes of skies here: https://mattepaint.com/category/skies/sunset-sunrise/

After you have done this, then you can start to grade all the elements so they suit the new environment. Try to focus from the background first and then more forward to integrate everything :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!
I had only few days to work on my submission, because I saw the contest on last Friday )
Then one more day had passed before I got image packs for participation (thanks to mattepaint.com crew, love you guys :love_letter: )
And this is what I came up with so far. I roughly set the overall scene and it still needs a lot of work. So dont be tough with it )) Its only several hours left untill deadline, but I will do my best :fire:
But if I don`t be in time, then I definitely finish it later :triumph:


This is such a nice start @Anastasiia! If only you had more time to continue with it!! I think you should still submit this for the contest, but otherwise it’s looking really good and just needs the time spent to make sure all your perspective points line up and your lighting matches etc :slight_smile: